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Comprehensive VMware monitoring with Applications Manager.

Given the widespread use of virtual servers among organizations, it's important to have a virtual server monitoring system to ensure effective performance from your virtual machines. VMware is among the most popular virtual servers used today by numerous organizations for critical business functions.

VMware ESXi is enterprise-level virtualization software that allows centralized management of enterprise desktops and data center applications. Any performance degradation or unavailability of these servers can severely impact the entire business infrastructure, resulting in customer dissatisfaction and lost revenue. An ideal VMware monitoring tool should, therefore, be an essential part of the IT setup for organizations that use virtual servers.

Applications Manager offers VMware monitoring with detailed insights into the server performance using instant alerts and a robust analytics module. It connects with VMware ESXi servers through standard APIs and determines the health status along with the performance of the host servers and their corresponding virtual machines. 

Monitor the CPU and disk utilizations of your ESXi server.

Among the most important aspects of VMware monitoring are the CPU and disk utilization of your ESXi servers. With Applications Manager, you'll know which resources utilize the CPU most along with the combined usage of all resources on the ESX server; this indicates whether CPUs are running at full capacity or if they're being underutilized and shows the amount of CPU consumed by virtual machines. 

Additionally, you can identify the storage devices with high activity, see the amount of free space available in each disk partition, maintain a margin of available disk space, and get notified when the disk space falls below the critical threshold margins. 

VMware Monitoring

Track the memory utilization of your ESXi server.

By receiving notifications when memory usage is high or memory is becoming dangerously low, you can avoid the problem of your ESX/ESXi servers running out of memory. Applications Manager collects memory-related metrics including Consumed Memory, Active Memory, Overhead Memory, Shared Memory, Granted Memory, and Reserved Memory to facilitate detailed VMware monitoring.

VMware Monitoring VMware Monitoring

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Oversee data store and network usage. 

A data store is a managed storage entity used as a repository among virtual machines and is comprised of log files, scripts, configuration files, virtual disks, and so on. Like any other performance attribute, an ideal VMware monitoring tool should track the data store performance of your ESXi servers. 

Data store details monitored in Applications Manager include health, total capacity, free or used capacity, read/write rate, read/write latency, and more. The network interface status is another attribute that can help identify if network connectivity is contributing to the poor performance of your server. Applications Manager provides network details including Data Receive Rate, Data Transfer Rate, Packets Received, Packets Transmitted, Health, and more.

VMware Monitoring VMware Monitoring

Map VMs to storage arrays for better visibility.

Create maps to display relationships between VMware vSphere servers and underlying physical data stores. VM-to-storage maps clearly reveal problems at storage and application levels, helping IT administrators maintain better end-to-end visibility into the performance of their virtual resources.

VMware Monitoring

Monitor hardware metrics with VMware monitoring.

Hardware issues should be the last thing hindering your VMware monitoring objectives. Applications Manager ensures admins know if the hardware components of the VMware ESX/ESXi server are functioning properly by sending notifications for drive failure, the current voltage status of the power supply, and more through hardware monitoring.

VMware Monitoring

Utilize performance analytics and generate reports.

Gain insightful reports into the attribute-wise performance of your ESX/ESXi servers with Applications Manager's performance analytics. Plan capacity based on overutilized and underutilized servers, and use machine learning-based forecasting to predict growth and utilization trends of your VMware ESXi servers in the future. 

VMware Monitoring
VMware Monitoring

Applications Manager is a Gartner-rated VMware monitoring tool recommended by thousands of admins across numerous industries worldwide. It automatically discovers the entire virtual infrastructure and lets admins model them the same way they're configured in the vCenter server. The VMware infrastructure is automatically categorized into components such as data centers, clusters, ESX/ESXi hosts, VMs, etc. 

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