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Office 365 Auditing

When dealing with a cloud environment, auditing user activities is a necessary security practice because users can sign in from practically anywhere. However, by using Office 365 by itself, you may be missing some of the crucial details you need to fully monitor user activities. Use O365 Manager Plus to ease your security concerns and keep your Office 365 setup intact. Track even the most granular user activities in Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, OneDrive for Business, Sway, and other services.

Exchange Online Auditing

You need to constantly audit Exchange Online to keep mailbox issues, like spam and malware, at bay. Use O365 Manager Plus to audit and monitor not only mailbox accesses but public folder accesses, contact changes, and permission changes as well.

With O365 Manager Plus, keep track of:

  • Non-owner mailbox accesses, admin activities, and mailbox delegations to check for malicious activities.
  • Owner, non-owner, and admin activities on Exchange Online groups, group delegations, emails sent as groups, and more.
  • Contacts created, modified, or deleted by users.
  • Public folders created, modified, or deleted by users.
  • Any changes made to critical mailbox permissions.
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Azure Active Directory (AD) Auditing

Auditing user activities helps organizations make preemptive decisions. If your auditing tool reveals suspicious user activities in Azure AD, you can avoid security breaches well before any dire consequences occur. O365 Manager Plus provides in-depth audit details, which keep you aware of every event in the Azure AD environment.

With O365 Manager Plus, keep track of:

  • Failed logon attempts due to an invalid username or password, which are indicators of brute force attacks.
  • Password and license changes made by users.
  • Recently created, modified, or deleted user accounts and user groups.
  • Group membership changes.

OneDrive for Business Auditing

O365 Manager Plus audits OneDrive for Business to bring even the smallest file changes to light. Monitor file activities, file sharing activities, and sync activities, such as files uploaded to or downloaded from the cloud, to keep OneDrive for Business undamaged. Create your own audit profiles to audit only those events you want to track. Audit profiles help you avoid the overhead that comes along with scrutinizing the entire audit log for details.

With O365 Manager Plus, keep track of:

  • Files created, modified, deleted, renamed, or moved—with details on who did what action and when.
  • Sharing invitations, accepted and rejected access requests, and created, accepted, and deleted file sharing activities.
  • Partially and fully downloaded files, as well as uploaded files.
  • Synced devices and more.

Sway Activities Auditing

The presentation platform Sway is cloud-based, which means it doesn't have a centralized access point. O365 Manager Plus helps you become a gatekeeper for the projects you are involved in by auditing every activity and monitoring when presentations are created and shared.

With O365 Manager Plus, keep track of:

  • Sways created, modified, or deleted by users.
  • Sways shared externally by users.
  • Sways which can be duplicated and shared.
  • Sways with sharing scopes, permissions, and more that have been changed.

Compliance Management

Compliance management is an arduous, but inevitable, task. Required audit details often need to be maintained manually. O365 Manager Plus helps you generate and maintain the audit details you need to meet compliance requirements such as SOX, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, and GLBA.

With O365 Manager Plus, keep track of:

  • Security searches and created, modified, or deleted compliance security filters.
  • Created, modified, or deleted Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and retention compliance policies.
  • New case hold policies, DLP matches, activity alerts, users, and groups.
  • Management role groups that are created or deleted, including their members, and more.
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